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RadTag Technologies is a biotechnology company based in Edmonton, Canada.

We specialize in radiation-exposure measuring devices for medical and agricultural use.

The RadTag® Blood Irradiation Indicator

RadTag®: An innovative way to confirm that your blood products were irradiated

The RadTag® indicator is used by blood banks that use irradiation to prevent Transfusion-Associated Graft vs. Host Disease (TAGVHD).


The RadTag® indicator is used to verify that blood is irradiated within the dose guidelines recommended by regulatory agencies.

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Our innovative RadTag® blood irradiation indicator does more than confirm blood was irradiated.  It also indicates if the blood product received the minimum dose or exceeded the maximum allowable dose.


Our BugTag® Sterile Insect Technique Indicators are radiation process verification indicator devices used in the Sterile Insect Technique program.


We can customize our irradiation indicators for medical and non-medical use, including customization for different irradiation doses and customized formats.

RadTag Technologies Product Line

Our indicators are specially calibrated to give users the confidence that they are in full compliance with regulatory and safety guidelines.

BugTag® Sterile Insect Technique Indicators

BugTag®: the best way to confirm you've delivered the appropriate radiation dose for your Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) program.

The Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) is an environmentally friendly method of insect pest control.  Sterilization is accomplished through controlled irradiation.  Our BugTag® SIT irradiation indicators verify whether the appropriate dose has been delivered to ensure proper sterilization.


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RadTag Technologies specializes in irradiation indicator products.  Our technology enables us to provide users with a more precise verification of radiation dose than any other product on the market.

Our goal is to be the leader in irradiation indicator products through our safe, innovative and cost-effective labeling technologies.

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